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Project Data:

Full name:
FJ Resurrection
Current status:

Engine: (99% finished)
Art: (100+% finished)
Music: (100% finished)

Year of planning / development:

Tools of the Trade:
Freebasic / GFXlib 2 for FB /GLFW
PP256 and Gimp as sprite editor

Full credits:
Programming: Richard Eric M. Lope (Relsoft)
Artwork: Adigun A. Polack, Relsoft, Eero Pitkanen
Game concept and design: Relsoft/Adigun A. Polack/Anya Therese B. Lope
Music: VG Music(will credit once I know who)

Credits to:
Eric Cowles(1000101) for some collision base-code.

Download available:
<FreeBASIC version>


Game: FJ-RX (Frantic Journey Resurrection)
Code: Richard Eric M. Lope BSN, RN (Relsoft)
GFX: Adigun Azikiwie A. Polack (AAP), Eero Pitkanen (eebro), relsoft
Music/SFX: AAP, VGmusic(I'll try to find out who made those nice BGMs and credit them properly on the next release.)
Design: Relsoft, AAP, Anya Therese B. Lope

Latest version could always be donwloaded at:

arrow keys
Fire -> fire your main cannon
option -> Change option formation
speed -> temporarily used to get option power-up for now
bomb -> release a bomb which also makes you invincible
start -> to use u credits when you are out if lives
"P" -> pause

* F1 key shows some debug status like FPS, stage number, etc.


This is a very beta version of the game so don't expect much.
This game is a cross between gradius, ikaruga and strikers 1945.
You have your "bankaw" laser which behaves like the ikaruga laser.
When you continually press the fire button, your RFG(Rapid Fire Growth) gauge
would fill and your ship would release your laser only when you release the fire
button at full RFG level. Notice that at full RFG your level 3 shots would also
relase a sinwave shot and the gauge would blink as well as a "Bankaw" text at
right side of screen.

Your options have 3 formations and each formation has its own bullet barrage.

Enemies right now are few and far between since I haven't coded that many enemies

All the levels load the same set of enemies for now and there is only one boss. This
would change when I add more enemy types and bosses. I'm also planning to add some 3d
stuff to render some bosses.

Dev menu at the start of screen:

FX levels:
1. Is fastest and should only be used by very slow systems.
2. The default would have full screen per pixel effects.
3. Aside from FX level 2, the boss would be a realtime blob insted of a sprite.


Normal => play the game with the keyboard or the joystick.
Replay => is a computer controlled replay of the last game. Notice that the

*Replay is only saved when you kill the boss. Pressing esc at the middle of the
game would not save the replay for that stage.


How to compile:

fbc "FJ_RX.bas" "FJ_RX.rc" "Tviper.bas" "Tbomb.bas" "Tbullet.bas" "Tdraw.bas" "Temitter.bas" "Temitter_Tlist.bas" "Tfx.bas" "Tjoystick.bas" "Tkeyboard.bas" "TLevel.bas" "TScreen.bas" "Tspline.bas" "Tsprite.bas" "Tturret.bas" "Tturret_Tlist.bas" "Tvector.bas" "Texplosion.bas" "Tcolllsion.bas" "Tsound.bas" "Trandom.bas" "Tboss.bas" "Tmovement_Tlist.bas" "Tenemy.bas" "Tmovement.bas" "Tfont.bas"

I included the source code for coders who would want to compile this on
other platforms like DOS or Linux. The only external dependency of this game
is Fmod.DLL which could be disabled by compiling with the NO_SOUND option. See
"" and unrem the #define NO_SOUND line. Doing that would not include the
DLL and its dependencies.

Right now this is coded in FB 0.20b and intel x86 Assembly so this would only
run on x86 based machines.

I would very much appreciate it if you could test this for bugs and if it would
even compile and run on DOS and Linux.

The future:
This engine is the product of a months work along with 4 typhoons (brownouts) and my failing health.
I don't know. I'm giving this another month of coding since I could very well
finish this in like 2 weeks for as long as my health is fine. Now that I get my
laptop back happy days are here again. I coded this on a 600 mhz hitachi with a
bad LCD so coding this on my laptop again would make things faster and easier.

relsoft out. Indefinitely...

Greets to...

Dr. D
Ryan Da Rhyno
all the guys at and
all freebasic users and devs.
all the guys at


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