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AnyaBASIC 0.5.1

AnyaBasic [A]bsolutely [N]ot [Y]our [A]verage BASIC "The little toy language that could." AnyaBASIC is a portable Interpreted Programming Language made in Java. It has a syntax similar to BASIC with a bit of C, Javascript and PASCAL thrown in. This is a "Toy Language", so don't expect much. However, while this started as a "joke", this language evolved into something which is capable of doing a lot more(games, graphics, etc). It's also a language whose keywords are in English so it should be a good language to use in teaching kids how to program.

Filename: AnyaBasic.rarDate: 04/15/16
Version: 0.5.1Size: 2.35mbDownloads: 2297

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