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Welcome to Genso's Junkyard II'  

Greetings, and welcome again to a new incarnation of the infamous Genso's Junkyard, brought to you by the almighty Genso Sanzo, also known in this ludicrous scene as Relsoft. We're back in business thanks to the efforts of Mr. Jofers Antoonski; he was kind enough to donate some webspace to this noble cause, also called "trash recollection" on some countries. Many thanks to him, again.

As always, if you're looking for that useless and little piece of code that could be useful for you, then you came to the right place. Here you can find some info on upcoming projects too, and the most up-to-date versions of AFlib and RelLib. Feel free to wander around, and... happy scavenger hunt!

 When boredom strikes... Update by relsoft  
Anya Basic


"The little toy language that could."

AnyaBASIC is a portable Interpreted Programming Language made in Java and out of
boredom after seeing a post about an esolang made of emoticons on the
Programmers,Developers Facebook Group.
It has a syntax similar to BASIC with a bit of C and PASCAL thrown in.

While I consider this language a "Toy Language", it evolved into something that's
capable of doing something more(games, graphics, etc).
It's also a language whose keywords are in English so it should be a good language
to use for teaching kids how to program.


- Very easy to use
- Case insensitive
- As loosely-typed as any language can get
- Easy to figure out with clean syntax
- Only uses about 30 global keywords
- Fast(for an interpreter made in an interpreted language)
- Portable
- Graphics capable
- Full hardware acceleration

Fun fact:
* The language supports "jejemon" and "tagalog" keywords.
* Here are the english to jejemon to tagalog counterparts:

print -> pr1n7 -> ilimbag
write -> wr173 -> isulat
delay -> d374y -> bagalan
start -> s74r7 -> umpisa
end -> eynd -> wakas
while -> wh1l3 -> basta
if -> eyp -> kung
then -> d3n -> dapat
elseif -> el53eyp -> KungGanito
else -> el53 -> PagIba

<Download Anya BASIC>

Crappy Bird (Android Game)

<[Android]Crappy Fish APK + Source>

<[PC] Crappy Bird with source>


Simple Flappy Bird Clone

- Android

Flappy Bird! 'Nuff said.


Official Site:

See in-game cradits...

An unreleased Android Bullet Hell SHMUP

Pyromax Dax

<Pyromax Dax>


Cute 3D Tile-based Platformer

Platform and Instructions:
- Windows
- Linux - compile it first

A Mario/Megaman-like 3D platformer.
4 attack modes.
4 Seasons with each season having a different hazard.


Official Site:

Programming: Richard Eric M. Lope BSN RN (relminator)

Design: Anya Therese B. Lope


Freebasic, Easy GL2D and FMod

About Game

This is probably my last game in Freebasic. I made this in about 2 months for the FBGD compo.

 Check this thread 03/09/16 - 09:07:47 AM  

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