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Fuzed DS

<Fuzed DS>


Puzzle Platformer for your DS

Platform and Instructions:
- Nintendo DS
- Just copy "Fuzed.Nds" on your flashcart and play.
- Or you can play it in an emulator like No$GBA or DesMuMe.
- Or you can double-click "emulator/runfuzed.bat" to play in Windows.

- Rescue all the Pink Snipes and go to the exit.
- You're a blue-bombing-magic-wielding-beer-bellied-bad-ass-creature.
- Magic can only be used after collecting it.
- Bombs can only be used after collecting it.
- Use the different types of blocks to solve levels.
- Try to run the demo to see the gameplay.
- Basically a bastard son of Solomons's key, Moai Kun, Mario and Bomberman.


Official Site:

Programming: Richard Eric M. Lope BSN RN (relminator)

Design: Anya Therese B. Lope

Art: Marc Russell(SpicyPixel.Net)
Adigun A. Polack


devkitPro,libnds, Easy GL2D and MaxMod

Additional code:

1. Jasper Vijn (cearn/ for atan2 and qran/qran_range
2. libnds example files.

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