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Platform Games Tutorial Series
(How to make Jump 'm Run Mario style games)

Chapter One: Basic Jump Physics

Chapter Two: Finite State Machines

Chapter Three: Delta Timing

Chapter Three: Collision Detection...

2D Convex Polygon Collision using SAT

Basic 2D Rendering in OpenGL (Part 1)

Basic 2D Rendering in OpenGL (Part 2)

Quadtree/Octree/Tree tutorials

Download source and binaries for now...(HTML article coming soon...)

The Bounce Equation and how to use it to make games

Beginner's OpenGL for Freebasic

How To Make Blobs (Metaballs)

Lensflare Modelling

Plasma Generation

Puzzle Effect Screen Swipe

The infamous 3D tutorials
with some QB examples for added value

These are some articles I wrote for QBasicNews some time ago. In fact, the same ones are available everywhere, yes, but... but...

...well, I MADE THESE! Show THE AUTHOR, that's it, ME some respect...!

Chapter One: Entering the 3d dimension...

Chapter Two: Rotations, the how's and why's...

Chapter Three: Vectors are cool!!!

Chapter Four: Matrices are your friends

Chapter Five: The Lookat Transform (Your Camera)

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