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The Junkyard  

Space Impakto DS

This is an old-skool type shooter. Features: 2d gameplay, 3d background, 3 types of ships, Uses the 3d core to render 2d sprites, No 128-sprite limit, Bullet Hell (via BulletRel). Runs on a Real DS (via flash cart) or emulators like (no$gba and desmume)

Filename: SpaceImpaktoDS.zipDate: 04/24/10
Version: 2.0Size: 125.21kbDownloads: 2920

Fuzed DS

A Nintendo DS platforming puzzle game where you use Bombs, magic, and blocks to solve puzzles. Basically a bastard son of Solomons's key, Moai Kun, Mario and Bomberman. New Super Mario Bros. was 3D sprites in 2D background. Fuzed DS is 2D sprites in a 3D background.

Filename: [DS]FuzedNeo.zipDate: 09/19/12
Version: 1.0Size: 938.72kbDownloads: 2915

Ascaris DS

Just a test of the Nintendo DS's 3d rendering system. Features a shaded tunnel effect with texture wrapping.

Filename: nds_ascaris.zipDate: 04/30/10
Version: finalSize: 158.51kbDownloads: 2281

Bullet Rel DS

A complete rewrite of my PC bullet hell lib. Features and all Fixedpoint engine, very fast and data driven interface.

Filename: nds_bullet_rel.zipDate: 07/10/10
Version: a.01Size: 207.25kbDownloads: 2279

Easy GL2D DS

This is a simple DS 2D rendering layer that works on top of the DS' 3D core. Easy to use and very fast.

Filename: LibGL2D_DS.zipDate: 11/19/10
Version: 1.0Size: 848.27kbDownloads: 2666

Bubble Fight NEO

A Nintendo DS homebrew where you control the Gradius shield which becomes a force field when it attacks. Also added lasers for kicks. Made for the NeoFlash compo 2012

Filename: BubbleFightNeoV2.zipDate: 12/23/10
Version: Compo FinalSize: 1.16mbDownloads: 2708

NDS plasma

A translucent plasma on the NDS screen. My first NDS application! To run this on a PC(windows or DOS) you need an emulator: As usual source included. ;*)

Filename: nds_plasma.zipDate: 04/20/10
Version: finalSize: 81.64kbDownloads: 2226

NDS Lens on Plasma

A Lens on top of a plasma. To run this on a PC(windows or DOS) you need an emulator: As usual source included. ;*)

Filename: nds_plasma_lens.zipDate: 04/20/10
Version: finalSize: 83.12kbDownloads: 2206

Nds SHMUP test

Just a tech demo of a SHMUP with options and wave shots.

Filename: nds_shooter_test.zipDate: 04/22/10
Version: 000000.000000001 <<Size: 79.69kbDownloads: 2231

Nds 3d to 2d test

Just an example of how to use the 3d graphics core to blit 2d sprites and primitives on the DS. I made it as simple as possible to that others may easily read through the code.

Filename: ortho_test.zipDate: 05/08/10
Version: finalSize: 112.95kbDownloads: 2247

OAM sprites

This is an older version of the Space Impakto DS engine. This used an OAM based sprite engine as opposed to the new engine which uses the 3d core to blit 2d sprites. Enjoy!

Filename: nds_space_impakto_old.zipDate: 05/26/10
Version: FinalSize: 236.37kbDownloads: 2233

SAT polygon collsion

A fixed-point version of my SAT(Separating Axis Theorem) based polygon collision. This is for DS use.

Filename: nds_SAT.zipDate: 07/19/10
Version: finalSize: 127.84kbDownloads: 2249


A font routine using the 3d engine. Limited to the mainscreen only.

Filename: nds_glfont.zipDate: 07/23/10
Version: FinalSize: 173.73kbDownloads: 2230


A font routine using only the oam for rendering each glyph. Limited to 96 chars but can render on both main and sub screens.

Filename: nds_oamfont.zipDate: 07/23/10
Version: 0.1aSize: 129.6kbDownloads: 2253

Bullet Rel Designer DS

A tool I made to design bullet patterns. Fun little sandbox type application.

Filename: nds_bullet_rel_designer.zipDate: 08/02/10
Version: FinalSize: 2.11mbDownloads: 2230

2.5 D platformer

The easiest way to make a 3D game on the DS. Just a proof of concept engine that renders in 3D but uses 2D tilebased collisions.

Filename: Platfom2_Point_5D_DS.zipDate: 08/17/12
Version: 1Size: 102.27kbDownloads: 2288

DS Billboard Example

I noticed that there is no billboarding example in the Devkitpro package and searching the net didn't have any results either so I made my own.

Filename: BillBoard_DS.zipDate: 08/20/12
Version: 1Size: 85.74kbDownloads: 2251

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