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The Junkyard  

Java2D Bullet Hell Test

Looks like Java2D is not as slow as I thought for a bullet hell game. Of course, I would do this in OpenGL but Java2D forces me to learn the language.

Filename: [Java]Java2DBullets.zipDate: 03/04/13
Version: 1.0Size: 80.09kbDownloads: 2019

Java2D SHMUP Framework

Just a test of Java2D's speed in rendering Bullets and a ship.

Filename: [Java]Java2DShmupFramework.zipDate: 03/09/13
Version: 1.0Size: 145.35kbDownloads: 2009


A start of a SHMUP game made with Java2D. I'm learning Java so I decided to "maek a gmae" out of it. Two birds in one stone

Filename: [Java]Zweihander.zipDate: 03/21/13
Version: 00.00.01bSize: 2.84mbDownloads: 2306

Java OpenGL SpriteBatcher

A simple SpriteBatcher in Java (Ported from my old C++ spritebatcher) in preparation for my android projects. Fixed-function pipeline.

Filename: [Java]OpenGLSpriteBatcher.zipDate: 04/10/13
Version: 1.0.0Size: 2mbDownloads: 2127

Android OpenGL Framework

A very fast OpenGL ES 1.x based Android GFX renderer. Includes: A spritebatcher, bullethell engine, spritesheet loader, glowlines, etc.

Filename: [Android-Java]OpenGLFramework.zipDate: 04/17/13
Version: 1.0.0Size: 1.71mbDownloads: 2011

[Android ]Crappy Fish

My take on Flappy Bird Clones Features(so far): -Smooth gameplay -Obstacle movement -Animated menu -Lots of animations-Moozic Source included

Filename: [source-apk]CrappyFish050.zipDate: 06/24/14
Version: 0.5.0Size: 4.57mbDownloads: 2196

AnyaBASIC 0.5.1

AnyaBasic [A]bsolutely [N]ot [Y]our [A]verage BASIC "The little toy language that could." AnyaBASIC is a portable Interpreted Programming Language made in Java. It has a syntax similar to BASIC with a bit of C, Javascript and PASCAL thrown in. This is a "Toy Language", so don't expect much. However, while this started as a "joke", this language evolved into something which is capable of doing a lot more(games, graphics, etc). It's also a language whose keywords are in English so it should be a good language to use in teaching kids how to program.

Filename: AnyaBasic.rarDate: 04/15/16
Version: 0.5.1Size: 2.35mbDownloads: 2295

Java2D PQ Torus Knot

A Software rendered 3D PQ Torus knot I decided to make when I got a little bored with OpenGL ES. :)

Filename: [Java]Java3DinJava2D.zipDate: 06/24/14
Version: 1.0.0Size: 118.27kbDownloads: 1971


AnyaBASIC is a portable Interpretered Programming Language made out of boredom after seeing a post about an esolang made of emoticons on the Programmers,Developers Facebook Group. While I consider this language a "Toy Language"(I made it in just a span of 4 days with a total of like 25 hours of coding time), the things you could do with it seems endless. It's also a language whose keywords are in English so it should be a good language to use for teaching kids how to program. Fun fact: * The language supports "jejemon" and "tagalog" keywords. See readme file for more info.

Filename: [Java]AnyaBasic.rarDate: 03/13/16
Version: 0.1.0Size: 67.03kbDownloads: 1986

Java2D Game Framework

Just a simple Java2d GFX framework I made 1 week into learning the Java language

Filename: [Java]Java2DGFX.zipDate: 03/01/13
Version: 1.0Size: 108.46kbDownloads: 2004

Prime Factors

A simple Java GUI to calculate the prime factors of a number. Made to easily check my daughter's assignments. ;*)

Filename: [Java]PrimeFactors.zipDate: 03/01/13
Version: 1.0Size: 43.69kbDownloads: 2017

Java OpenGL Framework

A simple OpenGL framework in Java using LWJGL I made 3 days into my Java learning process.

Filename: [Java]OpenGLFramework.zipDate: 03/01/13
Version: 1.0Size: 1.18mbDownloads: 1969

Java2D Game Framework

Just a simple Java2d GFX framework I made 1 week into learning the Java language

Filename: [Java]Java2DGFX.zipDate: 03/02/13
Version: 1.0Size: 0bDownloads: 1969

Simple Java Platformer Engine

Just a simple java platformer I cooked up to help some people.

Filename: [Java]Basic Platformer Engine.zipDate: 05/21/13
Version: 1Size: 64.57kbDownloads: 2023


A simple pacman clone made in 5 hours while watching basketball on tv. LOL

Filename: [Java]Pacmaniac - 5 hour game.zipDate: 08/06/13
Version: finalSize: 140.23kbDownloads: 2026

Java Plasma

A very simple per pixel plasma effect. Made after I got to know a way to put pixels in a buffered image.

Filename: [Java]Plasma.zipDate: 08/17/13
Version: 1Size: 253.56kbDownloads: 1999

Number 2 words

Just an exercise I made myself do after seeing an implementation with enough case statements to last a lifetime. Uses arrays and a little trick to make things streamlined.

Filename: [Java]Number2Words.zipDate: 08/30/13
Version: finalSize: 2.09kbDownloads: 1982


A very simple minigame I made. This is the result of trying to combine a hangman game with elements from space invaders. Will probably port this to android when I get some time.

Filename: [Java]HangVaders.zipDate: 10/21/13
Version: 1.0Size: 1.09mbDownloads: 2185

[Java-PC] Crappy Bird

A watered down version of my android game Crappy Fish. Flappy Bird Clone. :)

Filename: [Java]Crappy Bird 1.0.0.zipDate: 06/26/14
Version: 1.0.0Size: 1.21mbDownloads: 2182

Expression Evaluator

A very small but powerful Recursive Descent Expression Evaluator. Supports functions, sub-expressions, in just about 300 lines of Java code. Sample input: 1 + sin(2.0 ^ 2)* 3.55620+ cos(( 20+tan(30+40))*5)

Filename: [Java]ExpressionEvaluator.zipDate: 08/18/15
Version: FinalSize: 3.07kbDownloads: 1979

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