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The Junkyard  


Easy GL2D is a very simple 2D OpenGL rendering engine. It is made with two simple things in mind: Speed and ease of use. Everything is function based so just about any programming design pattern can be used in conjunction with easy GL2D.

Filename: LibGL2D.zipDate: 02/16/12
Version: 2.0Size: 971.72kbDownloads: 2065

BulletRel FSM C++

An extremely fast Bullet-Hell/Particle system using linked/hashed arrays(lack of a better term). Bullet behavior and animations are done via FSM through method pointers so everything is almost automatic with no virtual access. Binary and Source included.

Filename: Bullet-FSM-C++-Framebased.zipDate: 11/05/12
Version: 0.1Size: 184.68kbDownloads: 2025

ascaris c++ version

A tunnel that looks like the insides of the intestines DevcPP + SDL + OpenGL

Filename: ascaris_cpp.zipDate: 07/15/05
Version: xSize: 253.85kbDownloads: 1970

Ikaruga Laser Test

Just a simple ikaruga laser implementation I made as an example for someone's question on for interpolated delta timing.

Filename: IkaLaser_dt_test_c++.zipDate: 11/09/12
Version: 1Size: 149.55kbDownloads: 2005


Just additive lines in 3d to produce a swirl effect. coded in MingW/DevCpp/TinyPtc

Filename: cswirl.zipDate: 11/17/04
Version: xxxSize: 44.47kbDownloads: 1976

Turbo C++ Graphics Demos

Some demos I made in TC++ 3.0 while learning C/C++. Includes, Plasmas, 3dTorus, Feedback, ETC. Source included.

Filename: TC++3GFX.zipDate: 01/23/05
Version: FinalSize: 122.09kbDownloads: 1986

Bullet Manager

A very fast bullet-manager system for bullet-hell games. Uses a state machine with method pointers. O(2) Insertion and deletion of entities.

Filename: Bullet-FSM-C++-Framebased.zipDate: 03/01/13
Version: 1.0Size: 249kbDownloads: 2027

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