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The Junkyard  

Pyromax Dax

A Mario/Megaman style 3D platformer made with Freebasic. Probably my last Freebasic game

Filename: PyromaxDax.zipDate: 03/01/13
Version: 1.0Size: 2.31mbDownloads: 2167

FreeBASIC terrain Blender Engine

A collection of some terrain engine I made this weekend. Has a FreeLook camera with roll, dynamic terrain blending, uses both display lists and vertex arrays. Compiler: FreeBASIC API: OpenGL+SDL

Filename: terrain_blender_3d.zipDate: 03/09/05
Version: xSize: 1.15mbDownloads: 1977

OpenGL FPS camera

An example of how to do camera transforms in OpenGL using gluLookat and matrices. Compiler: FB API: OpenGL+SDL

Filename: fb_gl_camera.zipDate: 03/29/05
Version: xSize: 11.69kbDownloads: 1964


As the name sez. An undulating worm. :*) Actually it's just a tunnel. :*)

Filename: ascaris.zipDate: 07/11/05
Version: xSize: 209.65kbDownloads: 1936

Space Impakto

A crazy and frantic space shooter. In active development. FreeBASIC

Filename: space_impakto.zipDate: 07/19/05
Version: b 0.0001Size: 187.16kbDownloads: 2080


This is radially displaced and twisted cylinder with specular lighting which makes it my favorite effect in this update. There are 2 versions of this. One is made with FreeBasic + OpenGL and the other pure sofware with TinyPtc.

Filename: twister.zipDate: 05/23/06
Version: xSize: 194.27kbDownloads: 1972

Super Shape Morpher

This is an implementation of a cool equation by Paul Bourke. :*) Morphing is acheived by linear interpolation of parameters. :*)

Filename: supa_shape.zipDate: 05/31/06
Version: 1bSize: 188.23kbDownloads: 1972

Bullet Hell Library

This is a library to do some crazy bullet hell patterns you see in Games like Strikers 1945, Giga Wing, ProGear, Mars Matrix, Ikaruga, etc.

Filename: bullet_hell.zipDate: 09/01/06
Version: 0.000001aSize: 105.18kbDownloads: 1952

Realtime Blooming w/o Shaders

Just a tech demo of blooming to show that it's possible inb realtime without any use of shaders. Should run on any render to texture capable cards.

Filename: tunnel_bloom.zipDate: 11/06/06
Version: finalSize: 130.93kbDownloads: 1943

SuperShape Designer

I made this to explore the world of SuperShapes according to Paul Bourke. :*) This would also be used in a SHMUP. :*)

Filename: supershape_designer.zipDate: 12/13/08
Version: FinalSize: 104.06kbDownloads: 1950

3d SHMUP Camera

A shmup camera that can switch between Horizontal and Verticcal view seamlessly. :*)

Filename: shmup_camera.zipDate: 12/19/08
Version: 7777Size: 2.85mbDownloads: 1938


An early beta version of FJ Resurrection I made while I was off the net.

Filename: FJ_RX.zipDate: 09/05/09
Version: 0.0001Size: 2.49mbDownloads: 2096

Easy GL2D for FreeBASIC

Easy GL2D is a very simple 2D OpenGL rendering engine. It is made with two simple things in mind: Speed and ease of use. Everything is function based so just about any programming design pattern can be used in conjunction with easy GL2D.

Filename: LibFBGL2D7.zipDate: 08/16/10
Version: 0.7Size: 108.98kbDownloads: 2222

2.5 D platformer

Just a proof of concept on how to make the easiest 2D platformer engine. Imagine 3D GFX in a 2D system. Great for Megaman,Metroid, etc. games. Can be used for Space Shooters, Pacman, etc. In fact as long as your game is tilebased, you can use this to make your 2D game into 3D.

Filename: 2_Point_5D.zipDate: 08/17/12
Version: 1Size: 380.05kbDownloads: 1974

2.5 D platformer Engine Textured

The textured version of the 2.5D engine I made as per Lachie "da dean" Daz's request. Me = Gullible. Maps can be edited to inside the code.

Filename: 2Point5D-Textured.zipDate: 08/27/12
Version: 1Size: 242.72kbDownloads: 1976

Convex Wars FB

Just a minigame I made over the week to showcase Easy GL2D for FreeBasic. Original game was an even smaller minigame I made in C++ to showcase Easy GL2D for C/C++.

Filename: ConvexWarsFB.zipDate: 10/14/12
Version: 1Size: 955.21kbDownloads: 2746


A very old multi gfx effect I coded years ago but somehow forgot to upload. A waving and swirling tunnel with an undulating pq torus knot.

Filename: freebasic-confusion-demo.zipDate: 05/06/13
Version: 0.1Size: 57.89kbDownloads: 1970

FreeBASIC Bumpmapping Demo

A bumpmapping demo using FreeBasic and uses a Texture calculated ala voronoi.

Filename: fbbump.zipDate: 11/20/04
Version: xSize: 10.71kbDownloads: 1947

FreeBASIC Tunnel Demo

A really fast way to do tunnels in FB + TinyPTC. Source and exe. Fullscreen and windowed mode.

Filename: fbtunnel.zipDate: 11/21/04
Version: xSize: 22.01kbDownloads: 1949

True color lighted Torus

All Software. Using TinyPTC and FreeBasic. Inline Assembly for speed. QB can never do this. :*)

Filename: fbtorus.zipDate: 11/26/04
Version: xSize: 26.43kbDownloads: 1947

Julia Rings

The most beautiful julia fractal I made!!! The lord of the Julia rings

Filename: juliarings.zipDate: 12/04/04
Version: xSize: 16.09kbDownloads: 1899

OpenGL/FreeBASIC 3d Plasma

An OpenGL 3d plasma. Enjoy Compiler: FreeBASIC API'S: OpenGL and SDL

Filename: gl_3d_plasma.zipDate: 03/22/05
Version: xSize: 12.19kbDownloads: 1930


A never ending tunnel. What it does is travel on the insides of the PQtorus knot. Nothing fancy, just some trig and vector magic. FreeBASIC + SDL

Filename: jejunum.zipDate: 05/30/05
Version: xSize: 15.47kbDownloads: 1919

Quaternion based camera

This is a cheesy example of a Quaternion based camera (actually this is my matrix based cam converted to quats). This also shows you how to align objects on its own axis. Press 1 for First person, 2 for 3rd person, 3 for chase cam. :*) FreeBasic + SDL

Filename: quatcamera.zipDate: 06/10/05
Version: xSize: 16.52kbDownloads: 1972


This is a sphere distorted by applying sine functions in just about every vertex it has. Lighting is also applied for a better effect.

Filename: hematoma.zipDate: 05/23/06
Version: xSize: 149.51kbDownloads: 1958

Glass Tunnel

You won't believe me if I tell you that this effect is in 2d. :*). Yep, 2d. It acheives the effect with some clever manipulation of vertex coordinates and texture coordinates. Distance lighting added by DR._D

Filename: glasstunnel.zipDate: 05/23/06
Version: xSize: 185.53kbDownloads: 1942

Radial Flower Tunnel

This is an all-sofware render made playing around with my old tunnel. New texture with new effect. :*)

Filename: radial_tunnel.zipDate: 05/23/06
Version: xSize: 11.75kbDownloads: 1941

Radial Lens

This is a demo of a "flower-type" lensmapping. The idea came to me while coding the above flower tunnel and I though I could apply the same principle to the lens. :*)

Filename: radial_lens.zipDate: 05/23/06
Version: xSize: 24.08kbDownloads: 1925

Warpy torus

Another sofware only render of a lighted torus with a "peristalsis" effect. Pseudo-texture is acheived using normalized texture coordinates and using gouraud shading in lieu of texture shading.

Filename: 3dtorus.zipDate: 05/23/06
Version: xSize: 21.56kbDownloads: 1958

Line Cube Plus

An update of my old linecube demo using better colors and better movement.

Filename: linecube.zipDate: 05/23/06
Version: xSize: 12.27kbDownloads: 1937

pp256 to BMP converter

A program that converts pp256 tilesets to BMPs. features: * converts pp256 files to linear bmps * converts pp256 files to multi frame bmps * converts variable sized tilesets * saves the indices for easy loading in any API (FBGFX, SDL, etc) Sample tilesets by Adigun Azikiwe Polack and me.

Filename: pp2bmp.zipDate: 08/16/06
Version: 1Size: 222.08kbDownloads: 1948

Bullet Rel Lib

This is a library for programmers who would want to have lots ofbullets to their games. Ie. Bullet Hell. For an analogy, these are the bullet patterns you see in. Progear, Strikers 1945 series, Don Pachi, Gunbird2, etc.

Filename: bullet_rel.zipDate: 02/17/07
Version: 007aSize: 85.81kbDownloads: 1942

Glass Tunnel

Valkyrie Profile 2's bifrost area reminded me of this thing I coded back in 2k6. A glass like tunnel.

Filename: glasstunnel.zipDate: 12/13/08
Version: 7777Size: 209.29kbDownloads: 1930

Bullet Rel Designer

A bullet hell designer for manic SHMUPS.

Filename: bullet_rel_designer.zipDate: 12/13/08
Version: 0.20Size: 466.22kbDownloads: 1937

Bullet Rel GL

An example of how to use BulletRel in OpenGL.

Filename: bullet_rel_gl.zipDate: 12/13/08
Version: FinalSize: 146.11kbDownloads: 1950

3d Lookat Demo

Just a small demo of using Matrices and the Lookat Function to render 3d scenes. Source included. Model by Dr. Davidstein

Filename: 3dLookat.zipDate: 08/12/04
Version: finalSize: 91.16kbDownloads: 1948

FreeBasic Scroller

Shows off the speed of FB's inline ASM. Runs like hell on my 233. ;*)

Filename: fbscroll.zipDate: 11/27/04
Version: xSize: 13.47kbDownloads: 1942

Julia Animator

A fast julia animator.

Filename: juliaanim.zipDate: 12/02/04
Version: xSize: 14.87kbDownloads: 1934

Strange Attractor

A Chaos Fractal

Filename: attractor.zipDate: 12/02/04
Version: xSize: 15.17kbDownloads: 1936


My First SDL+OpenGL demo. I never thought it tobe easier than. QB.

Filename: SDLtorus.zipDate: 12/05/04
Version: xSize: 737.02kbDownloads: 1939


Was bored making my geme engine and made this peristalsis demo. :*) Compiler: Freebasic API: SDL

Filename: peristalsis.zipDate: 05/20/05
Version: finalSize: 45.15kbDownloads: 1969

Mappy to text converter

converts mappy text imported maps to an easy to load format. Features... 1. Calculates the map dimensions even if the actual mappy text imported map file does not. 2. Cleans the lines(original is offsetted by 1 byte per line 3. Erases the colour map if present.

Filename: mappy2txt.zipDate: 08/22/06
Version: 1Size: 200.75kbDownloads: 1960

Filled Sector

A very fast filled sector algorithm using a software based flat triangle filler. I made this to help a fellow Pinoy.

Filename: filled_sector.zipDate: 06/19/07
Version: FinalSize: 69.13kbDownloads: 1950

Texture Packer

A tool to pack multiple and differently sized textures into one big texture atlas. very useful for OpenGL/D3D rendering. Based from

Filename: TexturePackerV05.zipDate: 05/30/10
Version: 0.5Size: 111.09kbDownloads: 2014

SAT polygon collsion

Some code to demonstrate the coolness of SAT (Separating Axis Theorem). Also includes some optimizations for special cases.

Filename: fb_SAT_collide.zipDate: 07/14/10
Version: FinalSize: 179.31kbDownloads: 1932

DS GL2D Tutorial

A temporary upload of any tutorial I'll make. Will change in the future.

Filename: DSgl2d_tute.zipDate: 07/28/10
Version: tempSize: 921.8kbDownloads: 1998


Just a simple 1-hour QB game made by na_than that I ported to FB using GL2D. Glowlines asteroids!

Filename: asteroidz.zipDate: 08/21/10
Version: finaleSize: 80.71kbDownloads: 1940

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