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The Junkyard  

Easy GL2D

A very fast, small and easy to use 2D library. Works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Filename: gl2d_c.zipDate: 12/04/10
Version: 1.0Size: 233.97kbDownloads: 1921

EZ GL2D for NET (C#, VB, etc)

EZ GL2D is a very simple 2D OpenGL rendering engine. It is made with two simple things in mind: Speed and ease of use.

Filename: EZGL2D4Net.zipDate: 07/04/14
Version: 1.0.0Size: 5.17mbDownloads: 2070

Blended Torus

Another Cpp Demo using Devcpp/Mingw/Tinyptc. A torus.

Filename: ctorus.zipDate: 11/17/04
Version: xSize: 42.31kbDownloads: 1898

MingW Julia Rings

Same Julia Ring Fractal but in C.

Filename: juliaringscpp.zipDate: 12/04/04
Version: xSize: 78.17kbDownloads: 1900


This is an implementation of a 3d 3rd person camera system I made for someone at

Filename: camera.zipDate: 08/02/05
Version: xSize: 57.97kbDownloads: 1905


Psychedelic sine wavesin just 256 bytes!!!! Crazy! Assemble with FASM

Filename: wobble256.zipDate: 04/17/06
Version: finalSize: 1.32kbDownloads: 1898


Bouncing textured ball in 256 bytes?! Crazier!!! Assemble with FASM

Filename: bounce256.zipDate: 04/17/06
Version: finalSize: 1.37kbDownloads: 1899


A morphing tunnel in just 256 bytes!!! Craziest!!! (Just for today though) Assemble with FASM

Filename: flower256.zipDate: 04/17/06
Version: finalSize: 1.34kbDownloads: 1895

Mono and Disco QB64

A port of my old QBdemo Mono and Disco in QB64. I ported this since some new boards don't support some BIOS font routines I've used in the old demo. Some FX like reverse smoothing and plasma fonts have been disabled due to the above BIOS probs.

Filename: mono_and_disco_qb64.zipDate: 08/11/10
Version: 1.0Size: 2.82mbDownloads: 1903

2.5 Dplatformer

CPP Version of the 2.5D engine I cooked up a while ago.

Filename: 2Point5DCPP.zipDate: 08/20/12
Version: 1Size: 208.89kbDownloads: 1898

Text mode old tasm stuff

Made these tasm progs while helping some CS students at a local uni.

Filename: tasm_progs.zipDate: 07/14/13
Version: xSize: 25.02kbDownloads: 1896

Turbo C Graphics Demos.

Some very old DOS graphics demos. Includes a 3D torus, plasma, feedback effect, a triangle rasterizer, sprite renderer, 3D starfield, etc. Uses screenmode 13h so I packaged a copy of DosBox in the zip.

Filename: TurboC Progs with DosBox.zipDate: 09/30/13
Version: FinalSize: 1.71mbDownloads: 1919

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