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Convex Wars FB

<Convex Wars FB>


Simple Glowlines Asteroid Clone

Platform and Instructions:
- Windows
- Linux - compile it first

An asteroids clone with a funky experimental control system.
Just shoot everything that moves.
This is a "vector" game so GFX are made of simple glowlines.
Gameplay is kinda boring to say the least.


Official Site:

Programming: Richard Eric M. Lope BSN RN (relminator)

Design: Anya Therese B. Lope


Freebasic, Easy GL2D and FMod

About Game

Just a minigame I made over the week to showcase Easy GL2D for FreeBasic.
Original game was an even smaller minigame I made in C++ to showcase Easy GL2D for C/C++.
It is also notable that because I wanted this game (the source at least)
to be a sort of a teaching material, I used the "easiest" ways to make this game.
Which means that I used internal FB commands almost exclusively, major absence of
pointers and use dim/redim as opposed to new[] (except for the polygon class).
Doing so did not really hamper the game's speed in any way so I guess FB's dynamic
allocation with run-time checks for arrays are not that slow as anyone might think. ;*)
I also commented the source like crazy so that anyone reading it could understand
the gist of what the code does.
Don't expect much from this as my purposes in making this game are:
- Stresstest and showcase Easy GL2D
- Make a game that only use the GlowLine() sub
- To make an example of how to make games in FB easily using some
of the most commonly used coding techniques( FSM, Factories, SAT(Separating Axis Theorem), etc )
- Share some of the most common classes I use (Keyboard, Joystick, Mouse, Vector2D, Polygon2D, etc)
- Brush up on my FB knowledge. I keep forgeting "then" and type {} in my for-loops, typing "switch"
for select cases, etc. but it was fun.

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